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Bowling Results
Week of February 11th
High Single - 96 Ellen Murphy 
High Triple -  260 Ellen Murphy

High Single -  
High Triple - 



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Good Afternoon

Hope all is well with everyone. I wanted to let you know what my plan was for fall classes.

All classes for the first 13 weeks Sept 14th – Dec 18th will be virtual. I plan on having sign up like normal for membership, however the class fee will be a flat fee of $50.00pp for everyone and you will be able to take whatever classes you want, you will let me know what classes you would like to participate in, I will in turn give your contact information to instructors for them to send the directions for the class you want to take. My hope is that maybe people will be willing to try classes they have never taken in the comfort of their own home and want to participate when we return to in person teaching in January. The time for the classes will be what they have been.

I am planning it this way just in case in the coming weeks we don’t have to turn around and go back to being closed, since there is not clear evidence that is not going to happen, I feel it will be less confusing to start like this and change in January if we need to. If all goes well in December you will sign up for specific classes in person just like in the past and class fee will be for each class taken.

If you have any questions or concerns let me know, I hope this makes sense to everyone.  Dates to sign up have not been determined yet but you will be able to do all online again.

Please let me know if this is something you are willing to do.



Important Reminder

Hopedale Community House Membership

 is needed for all activities.


Fun and Functional Class

Whitin Community Center new website is:



Looking for bowlers and subs for Monday night.

For more information email Tara at tchambers@hopedalecommunityhouse.org or call 508-473-0820



  • If you have old or torn flags that need to be destroyed you can bring them to the Community House.

  • Looking for suggestions of types of activities and days/time to hold them.  If we get enough of a response we will try and add your suggested activities.



Important Information

The Hopedale Community House will follow the Hopedale Public Schools closing and delays schedule for inclement weather.  We will notify the instructors if a class is cancelled and if time permits we will send out an email to all participants. Please make sure we have an accurate email address for you.

Thank You