Hopedale Community House
43 Hope Street, Hopedale MA 01747

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2018 Spring/Summer




To avoid any further confusion, the Community House and Draper gym are closed when the school closes due to weather.  There will be no emails going out stating we are closed.  The only time you will receive an email is when we have to close for any reason other than weather related school closings or when a certain class or activity is cancelled.  This is one reason why we need a valid email address for all members.  Sorry for any issues this caused yesterday.

Thank you

Egg Hunt


  • If you have old or torn flags that need to be destroyed you can bring them to the Community House.

  • Looking for suggestions of types of activities and days/time to hold them.  If we get enough of a response we will try and add your suggested activities.


Meeting Abbas


Important Information

The Hopedale Community House will follow the Hopedale Public Schools closing and delays schedule for inclement weather.  We will notify the instructors if a class is cancelled and if time permits we will send out an email to all participants. Please make sure we have an accurate email address for you.

Thank You